We Are Infuse
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Nice to Meet You

We Are Infuse
Let us build your brand online!

Nice to Meet You

We Are Infuse
We help companies of all sizes grow their business.

We create and nurture Digital Identities which transforms companies, grows their business and gets them noticed online.

Our Skills
This is what we rock at!

Not just pretty faces. We have extensive knowledge of the industry and the skills needed to be a success online and beyond.
Building stunning websites, creating Social Media communities, creating Content and everything in between.
Our skills are available to help you.



Social Media




Web Design


What we do
Our Capabilites

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

Beautifully Crafted

Stunning, responsive websites tailored specifically to meet your needs, which look and work great on any device.
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Effective story telling

The future of successful businesses. Once your audience can turn off ads, you’ll need to have compelling content to ensure your target audience still value what you do. We’ll explain why and show you how.
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Social Media & Account Management
Online Presence

An essential part of every company’s online identity. From the initial steps to in depth training, our industry expertise will help you achieve relevant social media successes.
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Media Training
Be Prepared

Are you and your team ready to face the media? Are you getting the right level of exposure from your PR work? Want to find out how it’s done by media experts?
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We’re passionate about helping
SMEs & Start Ups  
Crafted from Experience

We know what works and we know what doesn’t. We’ve done it all so you don’t have to. We don’t just create pages or accounts for you, we show you how to connect with customers online and get your brand noticed.

Why choose us? There’s loads of companies out there offering something similar, right?

With our experienced team, we can help businesses in a multitude of ways. We’ve built an extensive network which you’ll be introduced to. We have some of the leading figures in Social Media, Content Creation and Web Design in Ireland waiting to train and advise you.

Infuse is also part of the Irish Tech News group which is the #1 online Irish site for tech news according to Alexa.com global rankings

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Our Experienced Management Team with Big Ideas

Multi Skilled team with at the forefront of the industry. Fluid, Agile and ready to take on any project!

  • John Armstrong

John Armstrong
Design, Content, Social Media & Strategy

Founder of Irish Tech News. Passionate about the SME and Start Up sector, if you don’t find him writing a Business Showcase article, he’s most likely designing another website.

  • Graham Glanville

Graham Glanville
Web Design, Strategy & Sales

Graham has been building website and lecturing ICT for longer than any of us would like to admit! He’s the standard bearer of the team and the go to guy for working out “how to”.

  • Simon Cocking

Simon Cocking
Content, Training & Social Media

Senior Editor at Irish Tech News. Great experience and interest in covering a wide range of tech topics, fintech, biotech, wearables, mediatech, fashtech, startups, socialmedia. You name it, he’s probably done something on it!


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